Tuesday, November 26, 2013

If Jesus had a Bicycle

  Biking on the land to mainstream (haha stream)? Then this bike is for you! It's called WingBike and it's the project of (apparently) a guy. That's about all the info out there on the people working on it, except they may or may not be named 'Steven'. Here's a concept drawing:

   ...and here's a picture of it in action:

Plenty of construction shots here, as well as a bunch of other information on the project. Well, lets see this thing in action:

Looks like fun!

Not all attempts were as successful, however. 

Friday, November 22, 2013

Friday WTF: Home Built Child Carrier

   Look, we all hate our kids. If you hang in there, and keep reading this blog, they will turn out awesome. No need to build a deathtrap on your bike that fits a child:

   I can only assume there's another endangered child in the large thing on the front too. My estimated weight? Bike + carrier(s) got to be pushing 100lbs. Ah, safety!

Wednesday, November 20, 2013


   Check out this interesting custom bike from English Cycles. Apparently it was a request for a customer that it be single sided! This brings up a lot of questions about twisting and forces at play, but also looks really darn cool!

Love that green!

  The handling of the rear hub looks particularly sweet, custom and expensive:

Belt drive rear end

   Why not have half a handlebar, you know, give it the full effect? See the full article plus some more pictures here

Monday, November 18, 2013

Cannondale Sells LeftyPatent to Volvo

   Industry insiders have known about the link between bicycle companies and agricultural companies for a long time. It's no surprise then, that Volvo, makers of cars and construction equipment, would be interested in patent sharing with one of the larger cycling companies. 
   One of Cannondale's most popular innovations has been the Lefty suspension system. 

Cannondale Lefty suspension fork

 The Volvo MC135C not incorporates the same technology as the Cannondale Lefty:

Volvo MC135C

   This is the biggest partnership since Cannondale sold the lefty patents to Honda in the '90s:
Honda Hawk

Friday, November 15, 2013

Friday WTF: Turbo Bike?!

   If you're going to make a turbo bike, why the heck is it a cheap 20" trek? In any case, don't let any loose clothing get too close to that intake! 

   Stay tuned for more updates as I forgot I had a blog until recently.