Monday, July 29, 2013

The Colorado Freeride Festival: A Review in Pictures

   Last weekend was the Colorado Freeride Festival in Winter Park and we had a chance to check it out. Maybe I am getting old, but here is what I observed:

6 Things You See at a Downhill Event

1. Lost looking cross country riders
"Where are the local frame builder's tents?"

2. Tent for something that doesn't belong
"Oh yeah, all the factory riders have coconut water in their CamleBaks"

3. Completely empty tent for something that does belong 

4. Dad in full gear, Mom in none
"See sweetie, your neck isn't as important as mine."

5. Girls using a dirt jumper like a balance bike
#sohardcore #downhillrules #twobrokenanklesin5minutes

6. Product demo Completely inaccessible due to bikes 
"Only once you navigate the field of bikes may look at our product."

   Just... where are the free stickers?

Friday, July 26, 2013

Friday WTF: Custom Frame Edition

What would you do with an extra roll of flame duct tape? How about cover YOUR WHOLE BIKE?

Johnny Storm, be jealous

  Not only the frame, but the Rims and handlebars too!

Can't get any faster than a flame wheel

Flame on!

   The kicker? This appears to be a Litespeed.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Gafni Cardboard Bike

   A post on an alternative material bike is nothing new. Enter the Izhar Bike project. What makes this bike different is the claimed $9 - $12  production cost. This bike is designed by Izhar Gafni, and the intense design process resulted in a strong, cheap bicycle:

Rendering of the bike

   The bike is supposed to be a great cheap way for people to get around using alternative and recycled materials. 

Light and functional

   A quick search turned up a lot of good press on this bike. Hopefully we'll see it put to good use in the future!

Monday, July 22, 2013

New Brake Pads

   When your bike stops sounding like a smooth silky machine and starts sounding like a grocery store conveyor belt, it may be time for some new brakes. My bike has started to stop stopping, so it's time for some new pads. Lucky for me, I have some ready for install!

   The first step is to pull out the old brake pads. These are Avid brakes and brake removal is pretty straightforward. There's a pin that holds them in place:

Retention pin location

   Once this pin is removed, the pads slip right out of the top of the brake. 

Pad removal

   There is a retention spring that holds the pads off the rotor that will come out as well. Here it is in action:

Braking action

    Once the pads are out, you can see the difference between the old pads and the new ones.

Top: new, bottom: old

   Reassembly is the reverse of disassembly!

Friday, July 19, 2013

Friday WTF: Naked Fan Edition

   Watching stage 13 of the Tour the other day, and noticed a naked guy running through the crowd. Paused it just long enough for the picture, so it wasn't burned into the screen:

Letting it all hang out

   Celebrating the true spirit of the Tour de France! Unedited version here, you perverts

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

New Bike Ride Report

   Cannondale would like to thank you for your purchase! Please take a moment and complete the following survey about the performance of your new bicycle.

The 2013 Scalpel climbs like:
[  ] - Like a Sherpa
[  ] - Like a mountain goat
[  ] - Like it has a motor
[  ] - Like a Sherpa riding a motorized mountain goat

The 2013 Scalpel descendes like:
[  ] - Like a prostitute
[  ] - Like Google's stock right before we bought our house
[  ] - Seriously, that stock dropped like panties on prom night
[  ] - F*ck you, JRR Donnelly

The Lefty fork makes me feel
[  ] - Frightened
[  ] - Aroused
[  ] - Frighteningly aroused
[  ] - Confused

Twenty Nine inch wheeled bicycles are referred to as:
[  ] - "Two-niners"
[  ] - "Twenty niners"
[  ] - "Wagon wheels"
[  ] - "Gay"

The 2013 Scalpel is build like a ____ but handles like a ____:
[  ] - "meat cleaver... scalpel."
[  ] - "747... F22"
[  ] - "dream... better dream."
[  ] - "steak house... bistro."

Final thoughts on your 2013 Cannondale Scalpel 29er?
[  ] - "Can't talk - riding."
[  ] - "Slower than a fast motorcycle."
[  ] - "Faster than some slow motorcycles."
[  ] - "I would do things to this bike that would make your mother blush."

   Whoever said the bike doesn't make the rider never made the switch from a steel hard tail to a carbon full suspension.

Monday, July 15, 2013

Where is Adam?

      I took some time off to spend with the fam. We hung out on the beach, did some bike racing and had a fun time! Here are the highlights:

Paul's dog Bandit when he's in trouble

3 generations of closed eyes pictures

Ava riding a trike with Miley dog in the basket

Specialized Venge McLaren Edition

The Oyster Factory

Bike racing

Friday, July 12, 2013

Friday WTF: Hiatus Over + Home Made Rocket Box

   After spending a week with the fam, I am back. Trip wrap up post to follow, don't you worry, but now it's time for the Friday WTF: MacGyver Edition. Reminiscent of the post on the misuse of fiber glass, here's someone who has made their own rocket box:

Perfect for all those ... reasons

   Some things I'd like to point out:
  1. The three knobs used to open the box from the side. I think this may catch on.
  2. Sweet flame decals!
  3. This car - not an '89 Subaru, but a nice car. 
  4. Did I mention the sweet flame decals? It's worth mentioning twice.