Monday, July 29, 2013

The Colorado Freeride Festival: A Review in Pictures

   Last weekend was the Colorado Freeride Festival in Winter Park and we had a chance to check it out. Maybe I am getting old, but here is what I observed:

6 Things You See at a Downhill Event

1. Lost looking cross country riders
"Where are the local frame builder's tents?"

2. Tent for something that doesn't belong
"Oh yeah, all the factory riders have coconut water in their CamleBaks"

3. Completely empty tent for something that does belong 

4. Dad in full gear, Mom in none
"See sweetie, your neck isn't as important as mine."

5. Girls using a dirt jumper like a balance bike
#sohardcore #downhillrules #twobrokenanklesin5minutes

6. Product demo Completely inaccessible due to bikes 
"Only once you navigate the field of bikes may look at our product."

   Just... where are the free stickers?

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