Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Project Book Shelf: part 2

Today, the exciting conclusion to Project Bookshelf. We have all the pieces cut and ready for assembly.

The outer parts, ready for the shelves

Close up of the pocket screw connections

All the shelves in place!

Tangerine Orange

Then, disaster struck. I was minding my own business, brushing my teeth or something and and noticed that the heater took up more space than I'd measured for. This meant that the bookcase was too wide to fit the space! After a lot of planning and scheming, we decided to take the whole thing apart and move one side in 3 inches. This way, the shelf was still 100% functional. 

The change that had to be made

Taking this thing apart was a lot easier than putting it together. It took like 15 min to get it nearly entirely disassembled. The decision to rebuild it wasn't taken lightly, as it took another 2 days to get it back together. But, with a little more time, it came back together nicely! (Max cameo)

All fixed!

The last thing we did was fill the holes with wood putty, sanded it and gave the whole thing a second coat of paint. The paint went on really great, and the color really pops!

In place

In use

This was exactly what we had planned for the space! A nice tall work surface, spaces to fit the 6 boxes, and then some flexible space for various things. We talked a lot about buying something to fit this space versus making something,

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CraigD said...

Nice job! Looks good!