Monday, January 16, 2012

Road Bike Handlebar Curtain Hooks

Recently, we put up some new curtains to replace the terrible vertical blinds that came in our apartment. Thee final product is great, makes it much nicer inside and keeps the cold out. When we want to open the curtains, however, we needed something to hang them on. After looking at some in the store, I suggested using road bike drop bars. 
Cutting them in two

First, I cut a perfectly good pair of handlebars into two pieces. These were some narrow, 1 inch bars that i had little use for. If you are in need of a narrow pair of 1" bars, let me know i have like 4 more that are just taking up space. 

Laying out the anchors

Next, I drilled out the bars for where the screws go in. I made the top hole larger to act as a countersink. 

*not to scale


I sent the screws in at an angle so the anchors were't necessary, as they went into the framing.

Final Product

All done! I finished out the ends of the bars with a plug, as well as the top where they were cut to give it a cleaner look. The whole process took about an hour in total, and didn't cost anything as we had all the stuff necessary to do it. Hopefully decorating with bike parts becomes a trend, and I can say, "I was on the cutting edge!"

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