Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Crazy bike round up

   I often find myself surfing eBay or Craigslist for bike parts and come across some weird ones. Here is a little round up of the silliest parts and bikes: 
   Monocoque bikes are nothing new...

Vintage monocoque frame 

Haro Monocoque

I have one of these Haro frames and after picking up a modern frame, this thing feels heavy as hell! The frame also came chromed, which was a very slick mirror finish on the sides. 

Modern monocoque BMX frame

Cannondale could have it's own whole post for all the stuff they've made over the years, I'll stick to two of the weirdest:

This was called the 'Magic Bike' for reasons unknown...

Rollerblade wheels?

Biopace is a crazy technology that is making somewhat of a resurgence. I had Biopace on my first bike without realizing how weird it was until someone pointed it out.

Vintage Biopace

Newer systems

Last one is called a Buddy Bike, and my parents rode one forever ago and my dad told me about it. Check out the crazy crank arms.

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