Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Macneil completed!

Today I picked up the Macneil from the bike shop and had a chance to put it together. It has a press in bottom bracket that needs a special tool that the bike shop had. 

Frame, crank and bottom bracket (and Max)

The posts for the brakes are on the bottom of the seat stays, shown below. They're removable in case you wanted to run brakeless and have it look clean.

Brake posts

In order to get the most rise out of the controls, the stem is mounted upside down. This gives another inch or so

The headset

The bike went together pretty well. Some notes:
- I replaced the loose FSA headset bearings with some sealed T.H.E. bearings I had laying around. 
- The brakes had the springs reversed for some reason and after installing them I realized that they needed swapping.
- I'm running a 3/8" axle front wheel on a fork set up for a 14mm axle, so I have a adaptor in there to make up for the extra space. 
- Getting the tire off of the old wheel and onto the new Odyssey wheel took like 10 minutes! It was worse than a downhill tire! 

The complete bike! (minus pedals)

This frame is larger than either of my other 20" frames, and it's noticeable! It feels really comfortable to cruise around on. Now all we need is some sunshine to melt off the snow so the jumps will be rideable!

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