Monday, March 26, 2012

WTF Trials Bike of the Day

Spotted this home made wonder at the Valmont Bike Park the other day. The guy said that it's his third 'garage bike'. With square tubing, there's no need for any fancy jig, he used clamps for welding. He also said he ordered the head tube and bottom bracket shell, since they had to be machined precisely, and just made the rest out of stock steel.

Looooow top tube!

Some nice Magura HS33 brakes

It's not pretty, but apparently rides like a trials bike ought to: stiff. The owner was a little older, I'd say pushing 50.  And according to him, "Now all I have to do is learn to ride it properly." I hope when I'm that old I'm building crazy bikes and learning to ride them!

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