Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Three sweet technologies from the Trek Store

Spotted this cool cadence counter integrated into the chainstay on a ride the other day. In the Trek store later I had a change to check it out closer, as well as a couple other neat new things. Read on!: 
   The Duotrap cadence counter comes with the bike and can be paired with any wireless ready cylocomputer. The sensor wirelessly transmits the data to your handlebar mounted display. This eliminates clunky units zip-tied on chainstay.

Duotrap cadence counter

With time trial and triathlon bikes, aerodynamics is very important. Trek has done a lot with the Speed Concept, especially the brakes, which are so integrated into the fork, it's tough to tell they're even there. The goal is to both slip through the air more smoothly on your leading edge (front brake) and create less drag over the tail of the bike (back brake, mounted under the chainstay):

Speed Concept brake

This is a full suspension mountain bike with an interesting and innovative way of hinging the suspension. The rear triangle changes in size as the suspension moves, so bikes either depend on flexible materials, like carbon, or a joint. Placing the pivot point right at the rear axle takes care of the joint and the rear wheel mount. I'm not sure, but this looks like a through axle, so the axle stiffens the whole system:

Active Braking Pivot

Pretty exciting things coming from the people at Trek!

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