Wednesday, June 6, 2012

eBay You Creepy Weirdos

Hey, that's cool, eBay, you're customizing my ads to my recent purchases. But what is going on with that bike?

uh, am I drunk? ENHANCE.

Yes! I am that drunk!

Reminds me of Trek's ill fated Sixty-niner, a bike with a 26" wheel in the back, and a 29" wheel in the front. 

Made solely for the '69' joke

Because everyone likes carrying 2 sizes of tube. It supposedly spins up fast and then rolls even faster, but it looks like a penny farthing. 

Good day sir.

But I digress, where did eBay get this picture? Can't they find a picture of a normal bike?! Am I the only one that cares about the rules?

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