Monday, October 8, 2012

Mad Fiber Carbon Spokes

When I think of carbon spokes, this sad image usually comes to mind:

Ah, the cursed R-Sys. Mavic has some awesome wheels, but this one apparently had some problems in the not-exploding department. Enter Mad Fiber. These wheels rely on the idea of a more cohesive unit. Traditional wheels consist of rims, nipples, spokes and hubs. For a 24 spoke wheel, we're talking about more than 50 parts to a single wheel. The folks at Mad Carbon designed their wheels as a "a one-piece tensioned structure fused into a single cohesive unit" Check it out:

Teh Future!!!!

Not convinced? Well, let me show you some detailed images:

Assembly close up

Front hub and spokes

I'll let you recover after seeing those awesome pictures. Ready to move on? Great. So the design of these is pretty interesting - the hub and rim are linked by flat carbon fiber woven and bonded right to them. My primary concern as a bigger guy would be how to true them, but it sounds like they're so strong it's not an issue. In fact they claim a 700 pound static load limit, and no rider weight limit. The kicker? 1,085 grams for both wheels. Compare that to my Mavic Ksyriums at 1600g and my sweet babies, the Zipp 404's at 1278g they're quite impressive! And at only $2600 a pair, we can all afford a set!

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