Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Updating the CX

   A while back I swapped out my Schwinn cross bike for a Cannondale via a Craigslist deal. I like the new bike a lot better - it fits better and has disc brakes. Anyway, it had an older 105 9 speed build on it, and I fancy a fancy new ten speed group. I took some time and bought the parts needed, but they're all here so let's begin! 

   I needed to replace a lot of parts to make the switch to 10 speed. The obvious parts were the 5700 105 shifters and a 6700 Ultegra derailleur. The not so obvious parts were the cassette, chain, handlebars, stem and all the cables. 
   One of the best things about this set up is hoods. The new(ish) system from Shimano has a much flatter and more comfortable place to grab.

Comparing the hoods

   The 5700 shifters are set up so the cables run under the bars, unlike the old system where they went between the hoods. This is why the cables had to be replaced; the old ones were too short to reach the derailleurs.

Cable routing

   Getting the cables into the hoods took forever! I had to look up the instructions on the Google. After some poking around I was able to get the cables in the right place.


Once the housing was in place, the cables and housing on the handlebars looked like a circus. 

What a mess!

   Little electrical tape cleaned up everything nicely. The new handlebars are a little wider and oversized and should be more comfortable for my manly frame. This also required a new stem to clamp on the oversized handlebars:

Standard width          (front)           Oversize width

Electrical tape is sure handy, and it's stretchy nature makes it work really well for both taping down the cables and finishing off the bar tape. Here are the cables restrained by the tape like a dog on a leash

Ta da.

   Finally, I wrapped the bars with two sets of bar tape. I like wrapping cork tape under Fizik tape for a slightly larger and softer for my saussagey hands.

Almost done!

And that's it! The bike is a bit lighter and far more comfortable. I was fortunate that I had the stem, handlebars and seat, and only had to buy a few parts. Final conclusion: This bike is freakin' awesome!

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