Monday, December 3, 2012

WITCHCRAFT! The Two Wheel Drive Mountain Bike

I've been siting on this post for a while! thatswhateshesaid.jpg So at Interbike there was a whole pile of new and emerging technologies. One of the cooler ones I read about was this to wheel drive bicycle. Two wheel drive technology, so far, has relied on a worm drive to get power to the front wheel:

Aftermarket device and front wheel

The issue with this is that worm drives are a lot like shaft drive: not terribly efficient and perform poorly under a lot of torque. They're good for a motorcycle or something where it can be robustly constructed and forces don't have to turn a lot of corners. On a bicycle, however, weight is more important! Enter Tretta. They use a series of chains and a bendy transfer drive under the headset. Check it:

4 chains is right!

So this system relies on the existing technology, just more of it. I like that idea. To wrap your head around it you really have to see it from several angles.

The complex fork

Turning in action

Turning from behind

The thing right under the headset is the coolest piece, dealing with the transfer of power around the steering mechanism. I imagine there's some linkage under the black rubber boot. I couldn't find any information on that, but I assure - it's unnatural. 

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