Thursday, January 31, 2013

BItchin' Custom BMX Bike

Check out this sweet Haro Racelite XL ridden by Haro Team racer Nic Long:

Rainbow bright

  This bike was custom built, with a 21-3/4" top tube and a 17-3/8" chain stay. It was also custom painted with this eye catching confetti look. One thing that interests me is the cranks. Haro is making a BMX specific (read: not a repurposed MTB crank) oversized crankset. This thing has external bearings, allowing for a 24mm spindle. Check it:

Stiffer than a wedding dick

   Haro's Cliq line also includes forks and bars. Nic took this bike to victory at the 2010 ABA Grands a few years ago, and then went on to race for the USA in the 2012 Olympics. Here he is in the front at the Grands:

No gloves, like a brave sir

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