Monday, January 14, 2013

New Trail Review: Chapman Road

   If you frequent the Daily Camera site (pro tip: don't.) you may have come across this article. This is pretty exciting! A trail that connects Canyon and Flagstaff Road. This road has been here for a while, but closed to foot and cycle traffic. With some recent weather and fire conditions, they have apparently deemed it open to the public. Here's a map:

All the climbing with half the pavement

   Even in the fairest of condition, this trail is not easy. With about 1000 feet of elevation gain in 2 miles, this is not a trail for the faint of heart. The payoff is that you get a rare seen view of Boulder Canyon west. At the bottom there's a great trailhead and parking lot:

Parking for all... the sissy's that drive.

   The trail heads out from there on a pretty nice road:

Lull me into a nice sense of security...

   ...but quickly turns into nonsense. When dry, the road is not as smooth as Poorman, more like riding the Community Ditch. This time around there was about 4" of snow:

Ah, Adventure.

   The trail is awesome, and when dry, seems like a great way to connect the creek path to Walker Ranch. Advantage is that you are on more trail than paved road. Disadvantage is that If you just want a short ride you have to come down Flagstaff, as Chapman is uphill traffic only. My take? It's a great cross ride. 

The upper trailhead

   And thus ends another report for a new trail. Exciting that a few months ago we became able to connect 4 Mile with Betasso via the 4 Mile Link. Keep 'em coming, Boulder!

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