Thursday, January 24, 2013

Shelving the Masses

   Up until recently our basement was overrun by boxes. I was a zombie box-pocalypse It was time to de-box and put in some shelves. Here's the space before:

Many boxes not shown

  We saddled up and headed down to see Mr. Steven Berlin got some smexy shelving at the local IKEA, as well as some Swedish meatballs.

Billy Bookshelf

And here are some progress pics! The shelves went in pretty great, floor to ceiling and wall to wall. 

(Tetris theme)

(Tetris theme cont.)

I had to cut the bottom out a bit to make way for the molding on the bottom. That took the longest since I had to cut all 8 pieces. 

Diagram 1.2.04b

Even Max was getting in on the action:

"You cut, I'll hold"

And that's about it! The are getting stocked with stuff. They fit really well with the length and height of the wall. I did anchor them to the wall with a simple dry wall anchor, mostly to keep them from shifting.

So much room for activities!

   Best thing about this was it really cleaned up the area! Now to fill them with items of interest!

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