Thursday, February 28, 2013

North American Handmade Bike Show 2013: Part 2

   And it's time for round two! Enough chatter, on to the bikes:

  This time trial bike was a real piece of art. I really recommend opening these up and looking at them larger (by clicking on them). The bike was a 1x10 with DI2 electronic shifting. The shifters are small round black buttons in the end of the aero bars. The battery is a custom, USB powered and located in the frame. 

The headset and brakes are also really wild. Completely internal cable routing to rear facing V-brakes. The levers are mounted on the front of the crown height bars (a hand is on the rear brake).

   Even the front wheel was out of control. The hub was real narrow and the outer part of the axle was wing shaped.

   This Huffy was the bike that won the Giro in 1988 by Andrew Hampsten. Huffy used to be a major contender in these races.

   This Schlumpf Innovations crank featured an internal 2 speed, operated by buttons on the end of the bottom bracket spindle you hit with your heels. I got a chance to try this out, and it was surprisingly easy and natural feeling.

   Here's Zac trying out a bakefeits cargo bike. Man, one of these would be fun with a pile of kids in it!

   This bike wins most eccentric paint

   And lastly, Geoff is confused and enraged by a 4 chainring crank... a quadruple. For use on tandems, apparently, of which there were many.

   That's the full report from the North American Handmade Bike Show. Want more? Check out bikerumor for some extensive posts on individual products.

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