Thursday, February 21, 2013

Weekend Project: Pallet Coat Rack

  Last weekend Natalie and I decided to take down the generic coat rack in the entryway and put up something a little more modern! Here is the space before we got started:

So much room for activities!

   Natalie found a pretty cool idea on Pinterest, so we tried to replicate it. We both liked the kind of abstract look and uncluttered look. Initially we were looking at pallets, but they were fairly rough and kind of hard to come by. I suggested we build something to our liking. Here's a start:

Laying out the design

   Once I cut out all the parts, I painted it the color of the trim in the entryway. On to ASSEMBLY!

The frame

   I set up a small jig to space out the slats and screw holes. Since this is going to be the first thing you see when walking in the door, I wanted to be sure that the details were good. 

Nearly complete!

   I also built in some small shelves for holding keys and stuff. They are kind of hidden so it looks pretty clean .

Objects shown more blue than they appear

   And of course Max was lots of help...

'My heart yearns to run...'

   Hanging was a bit of an ordeal. Unfortunately, I had about 50% success rate finding studs, but I'll spare you pictures of me patching holes. Eventually, I was able to get everything mounted:

Ready to be used!

   ... And then I took max for a nice run!

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