Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Crazy Vintage BMX of the Day

   Check out this sweet bike from GT. This appears to be a full suspension BMX bike! I couldn't find any more information about it, but here are a bunch of pictures:

GT full suspension BMX

Upper pivot

   Check out the innovative chain tensioner! With the right clamp design, this could be a cool tensioner for a single speed. It's interesting to note that this would have to go on the lower (return) of the chain. It would have to run with a pretty large chainring for the chain to clear the tensioner.

Read dropout

   Here is where the shock should go, but it is not attached. I would have liked to see how it was meant to be mounted. It's also interesting that it has a bit of a camming motion.


This reminds me that GT has always had a thing for overly complicated suspension systems:

GT I-Drive

   Here's a simple force formula for how this suspension system:

Solve for WTF

   That's about it for this bike. Keep an eye out for even weirder bikes, after all it's weird bike season.

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pdxbmx said...

I know this is a very old post, but do you know who has/had this frame? I'm the BMX PM for GT and we would be interested in talking to the owner!:)-ben ward