Tuesday, August 6, 2013

24 Hour Human Powered Distance Record Bike

   Ever wonder what kind of bike is used for setting a distance record? At first, modifying bikes for anything but commutin was all in the gearing (and 3 piece suits):

   After a while, frame design started to change to get more efficient riding positions:

  In recent years, new materials have allowed for some wild designs. Enter Greg Kolodziejzyk - setting records I didn't even know existed. He currently holds the 24 hour human powered distance record. How far is that? It is an incredible 650 miles!

   Check out his ride below:

Finally, a cool recumbent

   The gearing is also pretty wild. For this record, keeping both the bicycle and the rider in the most efficient positions was paramount, and Greg tweaked and tweaked until he had the bike set up perfectly.

More chains!

   Here's the bike in action. Looks like a fighter jet!

Fly on, you crazy diamond

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