Thursday, December 19, 2013

S-Works Tandem?

   While searching for a good way to get Cal on my bike safely, I stumbled across this full carbon monstrosity:

The S-Works tandem

   I think I am not alone in thinking that tandems are usually pretty lame, but this one is pretty darn cool! Check out the connection between the front and rear drive; while most tandem bicycles use a second chain to connect the driver and passenger cranks, Specialized has used a shaft to connect the two:

Not a chain in sight!

   There is some confusion since there is no chain connecting the passenger crank and the back wheel.  Overall this is a sweet bike! But if I were to get something to haul Calvin around in, it's more likely to be like this:

The glorious bakfiet

   "Pile in, kids! were going to the helmet store!"

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