Monday, February 3, 2014

Keeping Jackets off the Floor!

   Until we fill the extra bedroom with kids, I have been using it as a big closet. If only it had more hanging space. I have a simple set up in the garage that holds all my biking stuff and helps it dry easily:

Clothes, tubes, helmets, etc

   It's just a bunch of dowel pieces stuck in a 2 x 2. It's quite efficient, and so I thought I'd stick one in my big closet. First, I chopped up a long dowel into 6" pieces and sanded them smooth.

After - Before

  Next I set up a little jig on my drill press so that they would all be at the same angle. This was with some paint stir sticks.

Ready for drilling

Assembly line

   After that I just found a couple studs and screwed it to the wall:

In action

   It was simple, cheap, not too invasive and really helps with hanging up pants and jackets. I think in the future we'll all have hanging racks on every wall in the house. 

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