Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Folding Helmet? Sure!

   When I think of a folding bike helmet, Something like this comes to mind:

Vintage leather helmet

      These things were safer than nothing, but only slightly. Speaking of only slightly safe - here's a concept folding helmet:

Flat pack helmet

   1. This thing looks larger unfolded than folded into a helmet, and 2. it looks like it's about as safe as wearing a paper bag on your head.

   Carrera, the sunglasses company, thrown their hat into the bike helmet game. Thy've been making ski helmets for a while, and they have a folding bicycle helmet now, check it out:

Carrera E00414 folding helmet

   Based on this pic, I was thinking this was pretty cool! But then I saw it from the side:

Less cool looking.

   I don't hate it, but it's kind of goofy looking, like a skate board helmet. Here's what it looks like folding up:

Open                    Closed

   I am not sure it's so much smaller closed that it matters. It loses about 3 inches in width when collapsed. It meets the safety standards all helmets must, so it keeps brains in. For a commuter with a premium on space, this might be revolutionary. Looks like they run about $90 and are available everywhere form Amazon to eBay.

   The point is:

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