Monday, April 7, 2014

Brand Spotlight: Ritte Bicycles

   There's something about a well crafted bicycle. Smooth lines, clean welds, and choice components can make or break a bike. Venice based Ritte cycles has done a great job of building some very good looking bikes. Try not to drool on your keyboard:

   Aluminum disc equipped cyclocross bike, with BB30, Chris King headset and aggressive steering angle, perfect for tight corners and fast courses:

   The road frame boasts a steel frame to absorb the bumps and a combination of carbon parts to lighten things up. Plus a seat mast, which will unfortunately not be on the production bike.

   Completing the trifecta of material, the Vlaanderen is a carbon race frame constructed from hi modulus Japanese carbon. This is a longer frame that still claims to handle well due to the stiff construction.

   The company has a pretty story cool as well. Taking their namesake from cyclist Henri "Ritte" Van Lerberghe, they focus on high quality, well designed bikes. This guy raced back when men were men, and women were men, and children were men.

The man, the legend (1919)

   No mention of price on their site, and you know what they say

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