Monday, May 5, 2014

Crazy Bike of the Day

   Right after I got my mountain bike, I put some impact absorption tape on the down tube to protect it form rocks and dings. I noticed that the package had an interesting silhouette on it:

Shelter frame protection label

   It took me a while to find this bike, At first I thought it was a Lapierre, since they do some weird pierced seat tube stuff:

Lapierre X-Race 900

   I also looked at the Specialized FSR, since the suspension goes through the seat tube as well:

Specialized FSR

   ...but that isn't it. Eventually I stumbled across the Pronghorn Racing cycle:


   We have a winner! This company is from Denmark, mostly found in Europe. Apparently it rides like a tank. Not too fast, but stable. All I can think about looking at this design is...


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