Monday, June 23, 2014

Cool Bike Racks + Locking Tips

   Who want to lock their bike up to a boring old bike rack? Not me, no sir.  I only lock my bike to the finest and most creative of racks. Here are some of the finer racks around:

'Bike' bike rack

Another 'bike' bike rack

Ladies rack

Potato masher rack

   Seems like a lot of civil designers are getting some freedom to be creative with their bike racks. I love it, who knows what we'll be locking to in 5 years.
   Regardless of the rack, it means nothing if you're doing a crap lock job. What is a good lock job? Three things:
  1. Secure front wheel
  2. Secure frame
  3. Secure rear wheel
   Bonus thing:
  1. Seat
   What this all means is that any part of your bike that comes off needs to be locked up. Here's a great way to use a U lock to keep the rear wheel and frame safe (the frame can't be removed over the wheel like this)

Rear wheel and frame secured

   This is a classic way to use a cable lock and a U lock together. The cable has the front wheel, and the U lock takes care of the rest. 

Hard to steal!

  Last but not least,  write down or take a picture of your bike's serial number. This is found under the bottom bracket, and is the best chance you have of getting your bike back if it's stolen.

Serial number location

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