Thursday, June 12, 2014

Trek Crossrip LTD

   Someone at work came in on this Trek Crossrip LTD the other day, and it caught my eye. It has a nice polished aluminum finish and disc brakes. It's a smart looking package.

2014 Crossrip LTD

   One thing that stands out is the brakes:

Crossrip brakes

   This bike comes with the TRP HYRD. This is a pretty cool braking system that converts a cable brake lever to a hydraulic brake caliper. In the past, the only way to do this was to have a remote converter. This one, also made by TRP, is mounted under the stem. I saw one of these at the NAHMB Show last year.

TRP Parabox

   What TRP has done here is combine the converter and the caliper onto one piece. It feel pretty solid, although you know there is a cable in there somewhere. The instant engagement of hydraulic brakes is not there. I am not sure how well it self adjusts either, which is one of the major advantages of a hydraulic system.

   These area  good option because you can run them with any lever system. At $150 a piece they're not cheap, but less than the $500 SRAM option. Full review here.

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