Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Quick Release... Seat?

   Talk about a hard post to do research on. A standard Google search for "quick release seats" returns a lot of results like this:

Seat post clamp

   But we're after something different... a quick release seat. A little backstory...

   Using a quick release seat post in the city is a dangerous prospect. Seats are easy to steal, apparently easy to re-sell and your bike ends up like this, and you have the prospect of an uncomfortable ride home:


   In the interest of apparently complicating your bike, Red Dot has come out with a seat that comes off of the seat post. This would be safer since the seat is usually what thieves are after and the post is just collateral. Here's a couple shots of it their seat post:

Side shot

   You can see the quick release lever bar on the back of the seat post:

Close up

   I'm not sure that this makes things much easier. Seat position adjustment would be a hassle to reset every time you put your seat back on. Is carrying around this:

So much easier than this:

   At the risk of ending up like this:

   I think that the value in this lies in confusing would be thieves - they may think someone already stole your seat and move to the next bike.

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