Monday, July 14, 2014

Winter park Race #3 Report

   Time for another race report! This weekend was the Race Rendezvous. This is a fun race that is not typical as it's shorter and has fewer long climbs than the most races. Here's the map of the race:

Race route in red

   The course was altered a bit form the planned map due to some really muddy areas. This was a bummer because I had planned out the distances again, and with the start moved, the measurements I had weren't any good.

My planned elevation

    The profile they gave us was pretty close to the one that Strava gave out though:

Race top, Strava below

   The race was good though, I finished 6 out of 8. The start was up a paved road, which was a little weird. We started out fast and in a line like a road ride, then kind of split up into two groups, then got back together, then everyone exploded when we got on the trail. Typical Mountain bikers - can't organize anything.
   The rest of the course was fast but slick. I was running Continental Race King tires. These are great for dry to tacky packed conditions, but not wet conditions.

Race King

   The smooth round profile didn't have enough bite for these conditions. I have some Specialized Ground Control tires I wish I'd put on for this race. Next time!

Ground Control

   I also went down once in a corner, and it took a surprising amount of time to shake my nerves. That cost me some time which was frustrating. Turns out I was about 30 sec behind the guy in front of me. Next race I will be working hard for that 30 seconds!

Muddy after race legs

   I also got this shot of my bike thinking if was going to enter it in a contest that turned out to be for road bikes only. Whatever.


   All in all, a good race. Onto watching the tour! 

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