Monday, August 11, 2014

Winter park Race 5 Report - Oh, The Humility

   As I write this I'm ironically drinking out of my 'Best in Class' Winter Park pint glass I got a few years ago for finishing in the top 3 of my class.

What happened?

   Today was a stark reminder that Experts are faster than Sport riders. Results aside (preferably very far aside), the race Saturday felt good! It was more short climbs and fewer long drawn out climbs. That was nice, and I felt pretty great throughout. That didn't make up for much time though.

   I flatted about mile 10, which didn't help my time. The real hassle of that was it put me back with some slower riders and picking through them slowed things down. No flat would have put me just one place ahead I think.

Race plus ride back to car

   The race ended in Fraiser, and the 9ish mile ride back to my car was painful and slow. Here is the data from the Garmin: 23 miles and 2:17 for the race only with about 3400' of climbing.


   I think this is my second favorite race (after the Super Loop), there weren't any really drawn out climbs and the downhills were fast and fun. There was also some flat stuff, which is uncommon for a race at a ski resort. These flat sections were twisty and technical and I liked them; great chance to catch the obvious road riders. 

   Last race coming up un two weeks, and the first season in the expert class will be under my belt!

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Kim H. said...

Great article, Adam. Sorry it wasn't your best race. Next time!