Monday, September 8, 2014

Campy Fanboy Edition

   A simple image search will show you that Campagnolo riders are nothing if not loyal. 

Various Campy tattoos

   Lets take a look at belt buckles, the true measure of any fan of something. How much can you spend on a genuine Campagnolo belt buckle? First is this fairly basic brass/bronze affair. Price: $60

"I like Campy."

   Any rider worth his weight in red anodized spoke nipples easily has a $60 belt buckle budget. Next is a little more creative. As a bonus, it even has two Italian words on it, increasing street 'cred 15% easily. Price: $118

"I love Campy."

   That's nice, but I want something that really says, "I'm a whore I really like Campagnolo". Enter the $200, gold plated buckle:

"I want to have Tullio Campagnolo's children."

   Just remember, your bike is only as fast as it's engine. And that engine is much faster sporting a $200 gold plated belt buckle. 

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