Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Keg Cargo Bike

   Cargo bikes are becoming more and more common, which is very exciting. Check out this awesome cargo bike from Panda Cycles made to carry a keg!

Behold, the keg trike!

   This bike was spotted in Ft Collins and reported by Urban Velo, (which is a good blog, check it out). This bad boy is a reverse trike with some sweet independent steering and a 36" rear wheel. It is designed to cary a full keg between the front wheels. It even looks like they were using SketchUp to work out the basics:

SKP in the house

   Here's a last pic with a keg on the thing. When carrying something heavy like this I bet three wheels makes things a lot easier. How heavy? well a full keg weighs about 150 pounds.

Cue mood lighting

   So you're asking, sure this is cool, but can a Larry vs Harry do that? Sure...

L vs H with some kegs

   ... if you're willing to rock 300 pounds on two wheels! 

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