Monday, November 24, 2014

Aaffix Rotor

   You might think that BMX bikes haven't got a lot of room to make improvements due to their simplicity. Well, have I got a review for you! This comes from KHE bike parts, and is a new detangler. Here is an typical cable detangler system:

GYRO Detangler

   This system relies on the cable splitting to go around the stem, then reconnecting after the stem. Here is a breakdown of the parts: First is the upper cable. This splits the brake cable into two pieces.

Upper cable

   The heart of the detangler is the rotor itself. This has a bearing and connector that allows the handlebars to spin without interfering with the brakes.


   There have been some improvements in the system over the years. Some companies are making sealed bearing rotors like this:

SNAFU sealed detangler

   With the complication and reduced performance, many riders who want to spin their bars are opting to go brakeless. Which is stupid. Enter KHE. They have designed a new detangler system that reduces a lot of the complexity and performance issues:

The Affix rotor

   Here are a bunch of shots of the thing so you can see how it works. It involves a sleeve that sits in the steer tube of the fork, and exits out the side of the head tube of the frame. Here is the hardware, which would be hidden in use:

Affix hardware

Mounted up

second shot

   Some sweet technology form BMX! Nice to see companies still pushing boundaries for us 20" riders.

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