Monday, February 9, 2015

BMX Supercross in Colorado

   I used think Olympic BMX is a bit silly. It's overlarge BMX, with a 25' starting hill and huge jumps. To me, it seems like organizers don't have confidence in BMX to let it stand on it's own without making it more extreme. 

London Olympics

   I got into a few conversations about furthering the sport with larger berms, smooth even rhythms, and even clipless pedals are all in the name of furthering the sport. And that's good. I'm happy that there is still interest in BMX and even more happy that it's an olympic sport. 

Typical SX BMX tack

   So this Olympic BMX, or as it's branded BMX Supercross, was previously only seen in the olympics. For 2015 USA BMX is announcing a 4 race series in the States, which is awesome! This will improve the perception of the race style, give exposure, and allow US riders some practice for 2016. And what's even better? One of the races is in Colorado! 

2015 BMX Supercross Schedule

   And the Colorado race is in Grand Junction even! It is being paired with the Mile High National BMX race that features a pro class. This is sure to be a fun fast weekend in Grand Junction!

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