Thursday, March 26, 2015

Bob Trailer on a Thru Axle?

   I have a bob trailer that I used on the Colorado Trail, and I have to say - it was great. Easy access and no hassle at all. It comes with an axle for a 9mm quick release wheel, which is common enough. It looks like this:

9mm Axle

   You can see the extensions on the end that the trailer hooks on. Here's what it looks like mounted:

Mounted axle

   For the last few years, 9mm has been getting replaces by a 12mm thru axle. The advantages are a much stiffer rear end. Many companies are making slightly different axles, but they all work about the same.

Typical thru axle

   For a while they have only been on high end bikes that you wouldn't put a trailer on, so non-compatibility wasn't an issue. As Reganomics work their magic, technology trickles down to the more common bike, and BOOM we have the need for a trailer with a thru axle.
   Enter The Robert Axle Project. These guys are selling thru axles that will work with any frame and a Bob trailer.

   Their site is set up really great to help you find the axle for your bike. They run around $60 each, which is fair considering the axles are about that much without trailer towing capability.

Robert Axle Project site

   Now all we have to do is wait for the many other wacky technologies to catch up.

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