Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Enough With the Cargo Bikes! OK One More.

  Check out the Scandinavian side bike, a production sidecar for a bike.

Scandinavian Side Bike

   This thing can be mounted on just about any bike with a normal rear triangle. The sidecar is a big a carbon fiber tub, making it a great choice for all weather riding. It also comes with a little windscreen to keep passengers protected from the wind.

Inside shot

   The inside has a pretty utility seat that will keep little ones comfortable. The site doesn't show anything in the sidecar besides kids, so their target demo seems to be family types.

   There are some shots of the hardware on the site, which is pretty interesting.  The sidecar is connected  by a rocker joint that allows the bike to lean.

Leaning the ride

   There is a plate connected to the seat and chain stay that interfaces with the sidecar.

Connector plate

   The base for the sidecar pivots, allowing the rider to lean while the sidecar stays on the ground. 

  The buckets come in a lot of colors, but we can all agree that raw carbon fiber is the coolest, right?

   The bottom of the sidecar is molded into two tracks that can be easily used for pulling with skis. Not terribly surprising considering it's called the 'Scandinavian' side bike. Although this kid appears to be attempting to escape.

"Get me out of here!"

   Are sidebikes the new cargo bike? No, no they are too wide to be used in most places. But they are also cool enough to consider!

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