Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Schoolyard CX and Interlocken Race Reports

   Couple of races in one report here! First, Schoolyard Cross at Alexander Dawson School. This was a pretty fun course, couple hills, terrible grassy section. As usual, images from Racer Shots and respective photographers.

Top of a short climb

Running the barriers

Cornering skillz

The Good: Mom and Dad were here to watch, wore a pretty fun costume.
The Bad: Perhaps a turtle costume wasn't the best choice. Started in 6th and slipped back about 2 spots a lap.
The Result: 15/32
Comments: In retrospect, that is a great finish. I would have loved a top ten with the whole family there, but a 15 is good. OH MY GOD I JUST SPILLED WATER ON MY LAPTOP. This is another course I will look forward to next year.

   This recent weekend was the race at Interlocken. This was another course I had never ridden, and it was challenging.

Big 'ol mud crossing

"On your left."


Muddy aftermath

The Good: Couple nice technical spots, not a ton of climbing
The Bad: Started in 12th and slipped back about 4 spots a lap, lots of grass
The Result: 26/55
Comments: Chilly morning! I liked this course, and I think next year I'll be excited for it. I didn't have it this week and I don't know why. There were some transitions from pavement to grass and back that were tricky. Bike ran great, handled the mud as well as I expected.

   I got home and was washing the mud off and noticed a crack in my frame. This is back on the chainstay near a mount for my rear derailleur cable. Big time bummer. The bike is at the carbon repair shop now getting fixed up like new.


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