Friday, December 18, 2015

Friday WTF: Bike Spikes

An Alternative to studded tires, Bike Spikes are a tire chain like device for riding in slippery conditions.


There are a couple really neat features of this design:

  • Easy on / off. Great for snowing on the way in, dry on the way home
  • Light weight. Plastic is forgiving, light and (hopefully) inexpensive
  • Reflective: neat reflective strips making you more visible in these short winter days
   The studs look pretty good, although not a lot on the sides of the tire.

Close up

   And as I said, reflective! Great thinking! 

Reflective strip

   Apparently there is some turnbuckle style closure to tighten them onto your bike. Check out blessthisstuff for more pictures.

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