Tuesday, March 22, 2016

AnywhereBerlin Fat Cargo Bikes

   The weather is getting nicer, and we are starting to add up summer miles on the cargo bike. But check out these guys - they don't let winter slow them down one bit!


   Dual 26" fat wheels! For comparison, most cargo bikes (like mine) are 26 in the rear and 20 in the front, with a tire capacity of about 2.25". This thing is a cargo bike monster truck!
   Constructed by a group called Anywhere Berlin, they promote several applications for their cargo bikes: Expedition, Delivery, Agricultural, Recreational, etc. What we are looking at here is called Forget Roads, and for good reason:


  This bike is sure build for work! Take a look at the frame and you can see how it's constructed to haul a large load:


   There were a lot of pictures on the Facebook page, and their site sheds some more info on the subject, as well as their mission statement:

"Cargobikes are very usefull bikes - we all know. Endless applications are covered: delivery, familiy, shoping, transportation and fun. We @AnywhereBerlin take cargobikes to the next level:
Imagine everything you can do with cargobikes, but truely offroad. 2x26" fat wheels / two motors / 60x80cm cargo area / min. 100kgs load ... #forgetRoads and #goAnywhere with our bikes. #extendedplay on every little path on earth." (sic)

    Two motors, and boasting a 200+ capacity, this bike may not be a farmer's market cruiser like the Bullitt, it sure seems to have a place in utility applications. And what a parting shot they provided us with:

Ride on!

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