Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Wall Hanging Tools - Now With More Hanging

   Garage project time. I had built a wall mount for hanging yard tools and such a few months ago. It was working fine, but at full capacity:

Existing tools rack

   What I needed was longer boards! or fewer tools. Longer boards were easier, so we went with that. Last time I laid the tools out so each had a spot. This time I made a bunch of spots and figured the tools could go wherever makes sense. On to the drilling and cutting:

Aftermath, complete with image error

   I used a 2 1/8" hole saw to cut a ton of holes, then a circular saw to cut slots to each hole. The tools will stay in the slots nice and snug.

Slot shape

 Here is what one new mount (bottom) and one old mount (top) look like together. Lots more space. 

Comparing the old and new

   And fully stocked with tools. The old mount was 6" deep, and this one is 8" deep, allowing me to put more than one tool in each slot. What efficiency! 

All wrapped up. 

   Next I'd like to have some kind of buckets below for smaller things like gloves and weed whacker string. Otherwise, much better solution for tool storage!

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Kim H. said...

Looks great. Very organized!