Thursday, April 14, 2016

Control Tech Affilado Seat and Post Combo

   If you're looking for a cool bicycle seat, there is no shortage of product out there for you. 

So many options!

   Leave it to Control Tech to leave everyone behind with the Affilado, a post / saddle combo that is cooler than the other side of the pillow. 

   This seat does away with all the hardware and is all carbon, baby. Tilt and forward and aft adjustment is accomplished with 20mm spacers. 


  This seat and post combo weighs in at a scant 260 grams. To compare, the Fizik Arione carbon braided saddle is 209 g + an FSA SLK seatpost is 250g = 460 grams. That's a heck of a savings! 

Seat apart

   This seat goes for around $300, although eBay listings have gone up to $360. A steal for a seat you have to anchor down so it doesn't float away. Check out more on the Control Tech site

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