Thursday, April 7, 2016

Haanjo Follow Up - Now With More -Jo

   I've got about a couple hundred miles on the Haanjo, so I thought I'd write a follow up review. Following up on the initial report, I've added a couple things I'm excited to show off:

Money shot

   First, I installed some fenders. I got these bad boys at Community Cycles for a hard-to-turn-down $15. I had to mix and match the hardware a bit, but that's worth it. I was able to integrate the bracket for the rack with the fender mount, so everything is nice and secure and simple. 

Rack and fender mount

   I also did some bending of the mount to get around the disc caliper. 

Fender mounts

   With all the snow we have had, there's been plenty of water to ride through. The fenders work wonders! One sacrifice is that my mild toe overlap is now pretty significant. Have to try to keep the pedals opposite the fender when turning. At least I get a split second of the most horrible sound in the world before I go over the bars.
   Next was a light mount. I like to ride with my hands on the bars real narrow next to the stem, and my light didn't allow for that. I have seen mounts for stuff that works with the face place of your stem, and wanted to see if I could do something similar. Here's the result:

Stem mounted light mount

   I got some longer bolts for the face plate, and some small spacers and was able to mount the light below my stem.   This means the light is out of the way and also centered, which is nice. And I think it looks cool. 

   I bought a single pannier on eBay for a screaming deal to see how I liked it. Turns out I liked it so much I bought a matching set! I can carry everything now, in stylish matching blue:

Ortlieb bags

   I never thought I'd be riding such a seemingly pedestrian bike, but man is it convenient. I look forward to riding this bike not because it is is light or fast, but because it's so efficient and has the bells (literally) and whistles to make a commute easy. And it's just plain fun to ride.
   I also recently sold the single speed mtb I was using as a commuter before the Hanjo. So aside from the Cannondale SS, I have no single speed bikes. The times they are 'a changin'. 

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