Tuesday, May 31, 2016

The Pro Concept XXL

   As I've mentioned before, I have a rich, boring history racing BMX. The last bike I raced was a Pro Concept XXL. When I raced this bike, it was cutting edge - 1 1/8" headset, threaded BB, long, stiff steel frame. Now all this stuff is standard, but 10 years ago, the bike was pretty neat.

Circa 2006

   I've looked for more information on Pro Concept, but the company went under shortly after I got mine, back in '06 the internet wasn't what it is today, so there wasn't a lot of documentation on this bike. Turns out my bike was the last of the dyeing (dieing? diiing?) breed. Up until then, Pro Concept focused on aluminum frames and were just starting to make steel frames. And then they made no frames.
   I found some info on a forum post from 2009 indicating the company only made a handful of the steel bikes - in mini and xxl - and sold them all on eBay. This tallies with my story as it was one of my first eBay purchases.
   While searching for info on my bike, I came across an interesting bike on BMXmuseum. BMX bikes with gears aren't unheard of, but definitely rare.

Pro Concept XXL - Overkill

   This bike is a love letter to everything we thought was cutting edge in the early 2000's. Shimano DX pedals, big 'ol machined chainwheel, long seatpost. 

Supercross Strongarm "bent" cranks

   It's hard to tell, but it looks like it is set up as a 3 speed. That makes sense, as you only have need for a small range of gears. Also note the disc brake AND brake booster for V brakes that aren't there.

Shimano Saint rear derailleur

   The triple clamp forks must have been stiffer than a double shot of Wild Turkey. These Bomber (and the Hanebrink counterpart) are top tier, adding unnecessary rigidity to an already short and stiff fork. Add it all up and you've got a bike that is pretty much my wet dream in 1998. 

Parting shot

Full build kit:
RACE FACE downhill chainring
SHIMANO DX race pedals
KORE front sealed hub
KORE 3 speed rear disc brake sealed hub
PEREGRINE forklifter handlebar
MAGURA MTS hydraulic disc brake caliper/lever setup
8" rear disc brake rotor
SHIMANO SAINT downhill derailleur
UNI SEAT w/ carbon post
TOKEN lock-on grips w/ ODI bar ends
PRO CONCEPT lhs chain tug

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