Monday, June 6, 2016

Sidelong Strider Carrier

   Calvin has been getting a lot of use out of his balance bike these days:

Valmont Bike Park

   He is getting better every time we ride! Up to now, I have been chaotically bungee cording the bike on the back of the cargo bike. This worked ok, but it wasn't great. I picked up this old roof tray for a steal on CraigsList and planned to cut and fold it so it would securely hold the little bike. 

SketchUp model

   It was surprisingly easy to get a straight cut on the tray:

Cutting the tray

   I bent the tray all together and then drilled and riveted the overlapping parts. It was pretty sturdy and keeps the bike in there nice and safe. 

Bench top test

   It's mounted simply on a piece of wood under the existing box. I used a couple carriage bolts and wing nuts so I can take it on and easy enough. 

Quick mounting

   And here it is all mounted up! I used a short bungee to hold the bike on, and it is pretty secure. 

All done!

   Next time we go for a ride, we'll be prepared to haul everyone back safely and easily!

Pilot view

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