Sunday, August 28, 2016

Cargo bike conversion?

   I love my cargo bike, as you probably realized from my many posts about it. So, when I say a conversion kit for a cargo bike, I was doubly interested!
   The guys over at LIFT have made a conversion kit that can take a normal bike and make it a cargo bike! "A BETTER CARGO BIKE" according to them. The kit works by accepting your fork like the Apollo Module accepting the LEM. Just throw your front wheel in the trash, because you have a cargo bike now!

LIFT in action

    Look at this happy family! This can be you!

Go family, go!

   The simple, rigged construction of this thing is confidence inspiring, and the larger front wheel will provide stability and good handling.

The Good!
- Cost: at $900, it is a cheap alternative to a $3k+ purpose built cargo bike
- Give life to that old hard tail!
- All the other benefits of a cargo bike

The Not so Good:
- It is hella long, due to the rake of the fork
- Rigidity is bound to be compromised as there are fastener connections rather than welds.

   Here's a handy graphic form the KickStarter page:

Helpful Graphic

   What if you want to full on cargo and pair this with an Xracycle? And have the longest bike on the block? Check this out (also mad PhotoShop skills):

The Future.

   Turning radius of the Exon Valdez. I won't be trading my Bullitt in any time soon, but it would sure be neat to see more cargo bike on the trails. Check out a more in depth review on BikeRumor here.

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