Thursday, December 22, 2016

Trio Cargo Bike

   I stumbled across this cargo bike from a post from the Larry Vs Harry Facebook page. One user was complaining that Bullitt owners were like Apple fan boys, and no other product could compare. Nonsense! Like all cyclists, cargo bike owners are a caring, loving bunch...

One cyclist giving another a neck massage

   Anyway, the cargo bike was the Denmark Based Triobike. It is, unsurprisingly, marketed to families and city dwellers looking to make short trips without a car. The bike is very sharp looking:

   There were several reasons that I got the Bullitt - aluminum frame, hydraulic brakes, internal shifting, no weird features. All these are true for the Trio as well. From their site:

"The alloy frame is shaped in one piece, without any welding points, providing a super strong, stiff, and lightweight (less than 50-lb.) cargo bike. It comes fully spec'd, including a Shimano Alfine 11 speed internal hub, Gates belt-drive, a roller brake, hydraulic disc brakes."
   There are some other neat things about it - tapered head tube and 15mm axles - that are nice features.
   You can see the similarities between the two bike styles here:



   I kind of like the swoopy lines and bends. They seem to have gone with larger, thinner tubing to gain strength and save weight. reviews on various sites are positive, especially the weight, which comes in just under the LvH. One thing I really like is that they are also making some bike specific accessories. Here is the cover for carrying kids:

Cover with color options

   I like the cover I've made, but there is some wasted space and additional weight in there. It would be great to have a purpose built cover for your cargo bike.

   So there you have it - another highly competitive cargo bike in the market (very little complaining!). 

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