Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Cross bike update - headsets! headsets! headsets!

Now that the frame and fork is all up and purchased, time to start putting parts together. The frame and fork are set up for an integrated headset, which is explained here. I have half an integrated headset from an old Raleigh frame, but it's really just the bearings, none of the spacers or anything, so it's not really any use. This is it:

I can get another one easily here, but I really need special guide for the brakes to work, so instead of a road headset, I need a CX headset like this. This kind of thing is available anywhere, eBay or whatever, but Google shopping is pretty ok for price and semi-instant gratification.
This headset is somewhat new to me, I've never built a bike that has one, but my road and 29er both came with them. The nice thing is that I won't need a head set press to put this together, just drop them in and then use the stem and star nut to compress the whole thing. I stuck the fork through the frame and an old stem on it to see what it'd look like, just for funsies, and this is it:

Gettin' stoked!

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