Thursday, December 29, 2011

Lego Crane

My brother got me a sweet lego set this Christmas this year. Here is the Adam approved way to build a lego set without losing parts or your mind! 

Look at the mighty box-o-parts 

Millions of parts bags, and 3 books of instructions!

Parts separated

I like to keep things separated, something my fiance' finds humor in. The parts are separated by bag into when you'll need them, so this makes things easier! 

All finished!

This model has a really neat wat of running the three functions of the boom: 1. raise and lower boom 2. extent boom 3. raise and lower the hook.  There is a engaging mechanism that allows you to run all three using the same input. So, you flip a simple switch and you an run them all with one knob! You crafty bitches at lego!