Monday, January 2, 2012

Guest bike breakdown : Dad's cruiser

This is an old mountain bike of mine that was repurposed into a cruiser for my Dad. It is a Canadian company called Rocky Mountain, with a mish-mash of other parts. I rode and raced it for a couple years, then changed it into a single speed. It is a very fun bike to ride!

The cruiser

The notable parts are an XTR rear wheel with a single speed kit, a pair of sweet magnesium pedals and some very comfortable bars for cruising. My dad rides this thing twice a day with their dog, and it's pretty functional!

Bonus anecdote: On his daily rides, he goes down a hill between some dirt jumps. The other day his brakes were frosted over and he took the whole thing with no brakes and didn't crash. Said it made him feel alive again!

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