Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Electric Bike Report!

There are a lot of electric bikes out there. Some are purpose built and some are aftermarket parts you add to your current (ha, electric current) bike. I came across this bike at a brewery in Grand Junction, and it struck me as one of the more clean bikes. The controls are pretty straight forward - green means on, red means off, twist to go:

The controls

The guts

What I like about this is two fold: 1. The removable battery (it slides out the back of the rack on the back). You can take the battery in your house or to your desk at work and charge it, maybe even have two so you can have one charging and one in use.  2. The driving motor is in the rear hub. There's not any additional hardware other than a back wheel. This is a modification someone with limited mechanical experience could install. 

Compare to these two purpose built crap chutes:

The Derp 

Derp 2, the reckoning 

Neither of these have visual appeal or functional advantage. With the above system you can convert your existing ride to electric and avoid the ridicule of the cycling community. And, for about $400, it's not a bad investment to kick it around town at a cool 20 mph.

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